unique design


new to nz and building for the future, glamtainers are designed and engineered in the netherland by a team who are the masters of creating a world class luxury accommodation suites as an alternative to building.
thinking out of the box, certainly applies for this unique extendable shipping container.
our flagship model is a 20-foot, high-cube, slide-out luxury accommodation suites that can be used for a variety of purposes with an area up to 25sqm.
all glamtainers are designed from the ground up with each one offering a unique experience that can be customised to your needs.
manufacture is carried out of our factory in melbourne australia, allowing us to manage and monitor quality standards throughout the entire process.


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why glamtainers?

with its unique and sturdy design there are lots of opportunities like urban glamping, coastal beach sites, granny flat, pop-up hotels. and office spaces. they are easy to open and close door which makes the glamtainer very usable for remote areas . it’s even possible to make it completely off the grid.

extremely competitive sqm rate compared with a new build

our glamtainers are extremely durable, strong and can be transported all over new zealand.

so plug & play!



how it works

the system

you can open the long side of the container using a hinge. the extendable pod creates extra floor space and the unique rail system makes it easy to use. the part that gets “out of the box” is made out of double glazed windows and an insulated roof, all in a very strong water tight steel frame. opening and closing the glamtainer takes just 10 minutes, and can be done manually by one person.



like every shipping container the container part of the glamtainer is made of steel. only the glamtainer is reinforced on all levels, and this makes it one of the strongest shipping containers ever.

inside the walls are fixed to a light cage metal framing, after the steel caged structure is complete it is first treated with fire retardant and highly insulating spray foam.the walls itself are made of fireproof gypsum boards and a selection of finishes available.


in every glamtainer the following materials are used:

  • high density spray foam insulation on all concealed surfaces

  • double glazed windows 

  • durable cladding 

  • certified electrical and plumbing fit-out and fixtures 

  • environmentally sustainable flooring 

  • glamtainer can provide a complete internal package including all furnishings.

  • they can be standard or customised to each clients needs.

  • the use of our selection of materials guarantee a high standard of quality finish and together they create a sensational look and feel.